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PAIKKA Handmade Knit Sweater will keep your dog warm. This beautiful chunky sweater is made of lamb wool blend. Wool has properties unlike any man-made material. Wool has superior warming qualities and natural moisture-wicking capacity. Wool is warm also when moist, and thanks to natural antibacterial properties it fights back odors.


Handmade pieces are always unique and special – think about all the love and effort that went into making your dog this garment.




PAIKKA Handmade Knit Sweater- Taupe

  • 20 cm/ 8 in

    25 cm/ 10 in

    30 cm/ 12 in

    35 cm/ 14 in

    40 cm/ 16 in

    45 cm/ 18 in

    50 cm/ 20 in

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