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PAIKKA Recovery Overall is made of special Far infrared (FIR) emit- ting fabric that helps your dog recover from exercise and it may also help to pre- vent injuries. FIR consists of short electromagnetic waves that can penetrate into tissues, having biological effects such as accelerating muscle recovery, increasing the blood flow and the lymphatic circulation, decreasing pain, inflammation and oxi- dative stress.

FIR emitting materials are powered by body heat alone. Use Recovery Overall before and after training or as a pajama to maximize rest. Recovery Overall may also be used as a base layer under other clothing in cold weather.



PAIKKA Recovery Overall

    • 25 cm/ 10 in
    • 30 cm/ 12 in
    • 35 cm/ 14 in
    • 40 cm/ 16 in
    • 45 cm/ 18 in
    • 50 cm/ 20 in
    • 55 cm/ 22 in
    • 60 cm/ 24 in
    • 6 5cm/ 26 in 
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